You Are About to Learn How To Outspend Your Competition to Acquire New Clients!
Join During Beta Launch Get a STEEP Discount on Your Membership.
Includes Founding Partner Status & all other courses added later!!!
Join During Beta Launch   Get a STEEP Discount on Your Membership.
Includes  Founding Partner Status & all other courses added later!!!
Surely You're Utterly Sick And Tired Of Not Understanding How To Spend More on Marketing By Now? 
Well You Don't Have To Be...
Not anymore. 
We trained and partnered with the Best so we could train You The Best!
We didn't just make these courses or training up ourself.
We paid our Dues 💲💲 ...

We partnered with the best coaches in Leadership, Success, Copywriting, Funnel Building and Marketing before we created the Innovative Marketing Academy

We have tested and tried a few hosting sites, and have found the best platform to give you the best experience.  

We have Uploaded the 6 Foundational Courses, and have more that we will be uploading Soon, so Join Now at the Beta Level Price and Become a Founding Partner!
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You Never Dreamed... But You Will Become a Fully Trained Innovative Marketer With This Membership!
Whether you need help with Sales Funnel Design, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Paid Ads, Content Marketing, Or Social Media Marketing, we got you covered!  

Additional courses to be added include Search Marketing, Community Management, Optimization and Testing, Analytics and Data, E-commerce Marketing, and Leadership Development, Team Building, Systems and Automation Courses and Coaching Programs.

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Here's how it works...
Sign UP for your Free Trial, and Get your Login Info.  
You will be getting emails daily, to sprinkle the value that these courses hold.

You will be getting 1 on 1 support from me, until the Academy gets too many people in, then we will do group coaching calles 1 time per week.
You will get 1 free strategy call to go over your current business and where to focus your attention to get the most value during your 15 day trial.
After your Free Strategy Call, if you qualify, you will be accepted in the Private Mastermind group for The Innovative Marketing Academy
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to learn.
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Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting Access to...
  • ​A Full Arsenal of Marketing Courses You Need to help grow and scale your business
  • ​Weekly coaching calls that will help with learning and implimentation
  • ​Private Facebook Group Access (if you qualify) for Masterminds and meeting like minded People and Community
  • New Courses added at the same low monthly price you joined at!
That's well over $2,750... FREE!
You'd actually be crazy not to join and take a test drive!   😁


So, what happens after 15 days?
You will notice your first payment come out from IM Academy 
(Depending on your membership level, monthly, yearly and group plans available)
Stay Engaged with the courses
Stay Active with the weekly coaching Calls
Stay Connected with your Mastermind Group of Like minded Professional Coaches
Is there a guarantee?
We guarantee you'll love your membership to the academy, 
or you can email us the reason why you don't like it, 
and we'll refund your most recent Payment and let you continue the remaining Month.
(Yearly Memberships non Refundable)
What’s next?
Once you click on the button, you'll go to our order page, where you will fill out your information, and get your free trial.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are these Certification Courses ?
The Marketing Courses are Digital Marketer's Certification Courses.  Because I am a Certified Partner, I am able to use those same courses for Coaching in them.  You can get certificates of completion and badges, but not included in the Beta Version of the Academy.

Can I include other people in the memberships?
We offer Agency packages, up to 5 members, at a discount.  This is great for coaches wanting to build a marketing and content producing team, which typically is cheaper than hiring agencies, and the best part, we train them on World know coaches and marketing principles that work.

Do you offer any type of Referrals or affiliate programs?  
Yes, We are offering an affiliate program starting at 50% commissions for all affiliates.  This is a great program if you are looking to generate side income to offset your training costs and even build a side income.
Will This Membership Show me How to Generate Leads?
Of course! You will also learn how to design low entry offers, generate repeat sales and referrals. This membership will explain in detail how you can double the size of your business in the next 12 months

Does this membership require any technical skills?
If you can open emails and answer your phone, we can walk you thru all of the necessary computer work.  Most of the courses are very easy to watch, and they keep up with your progress

Are there any quizzes or Exams?
This is the Beta version of this academy.  Currently there are no quizzes or exams.  The courses are taught by Digital Marketer Staff, and these are the courses for their certifications, however, no certifications are available for this low cost entry price.  The quizzes, certifications and exams will be available soon!
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